Five Ways To Collaborate For Your Maker Education

Collaborating is an essential part of integrating maker education into your curriculum. Not only is it important for support, but collaboration can also help to inspire and motivate you.

In this post you will find ways you can collaborate with other educators, parents, your community, students, and people online to boost your maker education.


Working together with other educators is an essential part of maker education. Are you an art teacher thinking about bringing reading into your maker education? Reach out to your librarians and let them know about your maker education. This is a great first step to finding ways you can work together. Collaborating with other educators is an amazing way to help you coteach across the curriculum.​


One of the most amazing things about maker education is the opportunities it gives students and some of the best people to collaborate with to bring these opportunities are parents! Each parent has a maker specialty that they can share with students. Inviting parents into your space to share their specialty is a great learning experience for students.


Maker education is great for getting students back to hands-on experiences. As well as giving them a different experience than the normal standards-driven cultures. There are so many fun ways you can get your community involved in your maker education.

Collaborating with a local museum, hospitals, and charities to see how you can create an innovative maker education that can support your community is a great place to start. This offers students the opportunity to be change agents in their communities. Check out Gina Seymour's blog for great examples of MakerCare.


Have you tried collaborating with your students when it comes to maker education? Ask them what they have to offer and find out what their talents and passions are. The next step would be to give students empowerment by letting them decide on the jobs necessary to create a task, delegating authority amongst themselves and practice real world situations. Our STEM Challenges are a perfect way to get students thinking and solving problems together.


Technology has given us the opportunity to collaborate with others globally with just the touch of a finger. Try bringing makers into your space. A great place to start finding connections is with Skype in the Classroom. For example, you can find coding people, 3D printing experts, and much more!

We want to hear from you! How are you collaborating for your maker education?

Happy Making,

Maker Maven

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