Brown Dog Gadgets

Brown Dog Gadgets is a Milwaukee-based startup specializing in solar-powered projects and DIY science kits for classroom and personal use.
They provide educational electronics kits, gadgets, and supplies. Plus, they are the maker of Crazy Circuits!


Paper Circuits

Why mess with wires when you can just use conductive tape! Designed from the ground up to be engaging for kids of all ages.

Crazy Circuits Sewing
Starter Kit

Explore the world of electronics sewing and wearable technology with the Crazy Circuits Starter Sewing Kit. 

Bristlebot Kit

Bristlebots are small robots made by combining a toothbrush head and vibrating motor. Bristlebots are great for teaching engineering, motors, circuits, and principles of balance.

Resources: Paper Circuits

Paper Circuits - Cephalopod

By Brown Dog Gadgets

Cut-Out Templates

By Brown Dog Gadgets

LED Card Templates

By Brown Dog Gadgets

Cut-out Templates and Spanish Instructions

By Brown Dog Gadgets

Teacher Resources

Resources: Crazy Circuits Sewing

Make a Conductive Sewing Bracelet

By Brown Dog Gadgets

All images, video, templates, instructions, and teacher resources on this page are courtesy of Brown Dog Gadgets.

Resources: Bristlebot

The Bristlebot

By Brown Dog Gadgets


Bristlebot: Build Guide

By Brown Dog Gadgets

Lesson Plans

Elementary School
Middle School
High School

800 Alma St,

Tomball, TX 77375

Call Us: (877) MAKER75

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