Five Ways To Collaborate For Your Maker Education

Collaborating is an essential part of integrating maker education into your curriculum. Not only is it important for support, but collaboration can also help to inspire and motivate you. In this post you will find ways you can collaborate with other educators, parents, your community, students, and people online to boost your maker education. Educators Working together with other educators is an essential part of maker education. Are you an art teacher thinking about bringing reading into your maker education? Reach out to your librarians and let them know about your maker education. This is a great first step to finding ways you can work together. Collaborating with other educators is an am

Celebrating Women's History Month In Your Space

Celebrating Women's History Month In Your Space Women's History Month is a time to recognizing the great contributions that women have made to our nation. The 2019 theme for Women’s History Month is “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonviolence." To celebrate this month, we are sharing some of our favorite ways to celebrate Women's History Month in a simple, project-based approach. How are you going to celebrate Women's History Month this month? 10 Coloring Pages for Women's History Month by Gwyneth Jones Are you looking for simple impactful coloring pages for Women's History Month? Gwyneth Jones has curated a few coloring pages that are perfect to add to your makerspace for Women's H

Can You Catch A Leprechaun?

Trying to catch a Leprechaun is a fun STEAM Challenge to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! This challenge will take around an hour to complete. Before we begin let's learn a little more about Irish folklore before students develop a plan to catch the Irish trickster. Leprechauns are said to be part of a fairy world. It’s believed that Leprechauns watch the golden treasure left by Danish people who invaded Ireland more than 1,000 years ago. According to legend, if you catch a leprechaun it will have to tell you where the gold is hidden because he is compelled to tell the truth by fairy law. You can learn more about Legend Of The Irish Leprechauns here. What do you say? Can you catch a Leprechaun?

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