Creating Mobile Classroom Maker Education Library Programs

As a school librarian, I try to offer spaces where students can create, make, and innovate. Trying to offer a makerspace to 100% of the student population can quickly become limiting due to space. Offering a mobile classroom makerspace solves this problem. A mobile classroom makerspace library program allows classroom teachers to check out 6 to 8 makerspace activities with the needed supplies packed together in one cart. Teachers can check-out a cart for their classroom for a week. During that week teachers can unpack the activities, and create a pop-up makerspace in their classroom when it fits into their schedule. Last year I tried this at Ed White E-STEM with kindergarten and first grade

Can You Get A Pilgrim To The New World?

Can you feel the holidays fast approaching? We know it can be difficult to keep students engaged at this time of year. For this reason, we have created this enjoyable STEAM challenge that is packed with learning opportunities. Are you up for the challenge? Let's build a mini Mayflower and sail to the New World! What you need... 50 Craft Sticks 25 Sticky Notes 25 Toothpicks 25 Pennies 5 Pairs Of Scissors 10 Feet Aluminum Foil 10 Feet Shipping Tape Large Container With Water (For Testing) A Timer What you need per student... Can You Get A Pilgrim To The New World? Creator Sheet Pencil Or Pen What you need to do... Set up 5 stations with: 10 Craft Sticks 5 Sticky Notes 5 Toothpicks 5 Pennies Pa

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