How Far Can Your Straw Rocket Travel?

Straw rockets are fun on their own, but when you add a STEAM challenge you make them even better! The challenge is to see how far you can make a paper rocket fly with one puff of air. What you need per student... 1 Straw 1 Piece Of Printer Paper 6 Inches Of Tape Scissors How Far Can Your Straw Rocket Travel? PDF Decoration Materials Crayons, Stickers, Markers, Etc. Additional.... Measuring Tape Tape What you need to do... Start by taping the measuring tape to the floor and make sure students have all the materials needed. Explain to students that for this challenge they must build a straw rocket using the materials provided and it must travel as far as possible. Have students make and write

Managing a Makerspace

Managing a Makerspace The Beginning Stages The makerspace movement has transformed library spaces across the country in many different ways. In an effort to provide my campus with our own makerspace, I began to research, read, and attend professional development sessions highlighting makerspaces. One characteristic that I noticed all successful makerspaces had in common was their focus on stakeholder needs. A viable makerspace must be relevant to those using it. Although our makerspace is still in the beginning stages, the foundation of our space rests on the needs of our students, teachers, and parents. Scheduling, management, and materials have been three major talking points in regard t

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