3DuxDesign realized innovation is not only about math and science but also art, design, the environment and people. They encourage children to imaginatively and practically think through solutions to real world problems by building structures and environments using the 3DuxDesign award winning architectural modeling system.


3Dux GOBOX - Classroom

Give your students' creativity a jumpstart and introduce your them to geometry and 3D

spatial thinking. 

The Power House

Light up your Iconic Home Architecture Set with our LED lighting add-on feature. Young designers will learn about electricity and circuits.

Fire Station Set

The Fire Station Architecture Kit is the perfect set for small kids with big imaginations. Build it, paint it, populate it, and play with it.

3Dux GOBOX-PRO with LED Lighting

The Gobox Pro is the perfect product to engage students ages 6+ in learning about architecture, engineering and electricity. 

Rocket Ship Set

You'll be blown away by this specialty item designed by the 3DuxDesign team. Decorate and make your very own rocket ship.

Modern Museum Set

The Modern Museum is perfect for the young designer with an appreciation of the arts. Color it, redesign it, build out 

Iconic Home Set

The Iconic Home Architecture Set is ideal for the modern-minded. Let your imagination take over!


3DuxDesign Cardboard Connectors

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