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Our students and Information Literacy Specialists (librarians) love the makerspace kits from MakerMaven.  Library Services asked J'aime to prepare kits for all of our campuses this summer; in addition to preparing the kits she provided wonderful professional development on how to best use them on campus.  Both the Information Literacy Specialists and instructional technologists attended the PD and learned a lot

Cindy Buchanan - Program Director for Library Services for Aldine ISD

J.E. Rhodes is loving the Ultimate Plus Kit we bought at Maker Maven.  We are a Pre-K through 1st grade campus so even your youngest students can use, explore, and build.  Some of the comment we have heard since opening up the Maker space room "This is so awesome," "Can we come back tomorrow?" " I can build anything!" The students are so engaged the whole time we are in there.  When we return to the room they are drawing up plans for next time or writing stories about their inventions.  Maker Maven went above and beyond to help us get everything we needed for our Makerspace room.  We All Love It! 

Vicki Tompkins - Kindergarten Teacher - JE Rhodes Elementary School Van, TX


Maker MavenĀ®  provides custom makerspace curation and consulting for schools, libraries, and districts. 

We equip customers with the latest information and resources available to provide quality makerspaces to students and educators. 

We can help with all phases of your MakerSpace and offer kits, custom orders, consulting and professional development services. 

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